Wisdom and Folly by Rob Marco

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In a world inundated with opinion, diatribe, and hot takes, Rob Marco's Wisdom and Folly takes a different approach, presenting the ruminations of a Catholic husband wrestling with life's most important topics, sifting through each with wit and common sense illumined by faith.

A book more about the journey than the conclusion, Wisdom and Folly tackles
issues around friendship, discipleship, marriage, family, manhood, faith, prayer, the Church, writing, and more. Marco generously shares his own thoughts and those from other virtuous people who can be guides on this journey. A book not for the saintly but the works-in-progress, Wisdom and Folly presents a challenging yet edifying commentary on life as a Catholic man in the workaday world.

Rob Marco is a prolific Catholic blogger whose articles have appeared in such publications as Catholic World Report, Crisis Magazine, One Peter Five, Catholic Stand, and The Coming Home Network, among others. He has also been featured in EWTN's The Journey Home program. He resides in Pennsylvania with his wife and children. Wisdom and Folly is his first book.

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