The War Against Being by James Larson

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"It is conventional contemporary wisdom that there is probably nothing more detached from reality, and nothing more inconsequential to the real events of this world, than the study or promotion of the discipline of philosophy—and especially that highest branch of philosophy which is called ontology, the science of being. All that follows is meant to be a refutation of this 'wisdom.'" So begins The War Against Being and the Return to God, the great masterwork of the late James Larson. With erudition and insight, Larson identifies the philosophical errors at the root of our modern sickness and critiques them in light of Thomistic philosophy.

James Larson (1941-2020) was a prolific Catholic author and evangelist whose writings were featured across Catholic media, including Christian Order magazine, Homiletic and Pastoral Review, and various web and digital platforms. Larson is best remembered for his encyclopedic website, also called The War Against Being. His penetrating essays advocate a return to God using the golden wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas as an antidote to the errors that cripple the contemporary Church and society.
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