The Popes and Science:The History of the Papal Relations to Science During the Middle Ages and Down to Our Own Time by James J. Walsh

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James Walsh's The Popes and Science demolishes the myth of papal suppression of science, arguing that, far from hindering scientific inquiry, the Roman pontiffs have been among the greatest patrons of the sciences. With consummate erudition, Walsh debunks several myths about the Catholic Church and science, covering the disciplines of anatomy, chemistry, mental health, and more. Walsh demonstrates command of an enormous mass of facts, ordering them with logic, force, and literary ease. The Popes and Science convicts the Church's opponents of hasty generalization, if not outright anti-clericalism. Contains a foreword by Dr. Gerard Verschuuren.

Dr. James J. Walsh (1865-1942) was a Catholic American physician and author from New York who served as Dean and Professor of nervous diseases and of the history of medicine at Fordham University school of medicine. He wrote numerous works on medical history, specifically concerning the medieval era and the Church's contributions to scientific development.
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