The Murder of Becket and the Canterbury Shrine

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"The Murder of Becket and the Canterbury Shrine" is drawn from Arthur Penrhyn Stanley's classic lectures from his "Memorials of Canterbury" series. The first half of the book follows the final days of St. Thomas Becket, from his return from exile on December 1, 1170 to his murder four weeks later. The latter chapters trace the development of the Canterbury shrine from the aftermath of Becket's death through the late Middle Ages. The Murder of Becket and the Canterbury Shrine is an engaging and exhaustive study of the last days and legacy of England's most famous martyr. Features an introduction by Ryan Grant, and two original translations of primary documents from Latin and Anglo-Norman manuscripts.

Arthur Penrhyn Stanley (1815-1881) was an English Anglican priest and renowned ecclesiastical historian. Stanley served as Dean of Westminster from 1864 to 1881, was the author of a number of notable works on Church History, and was a co-founder of the Palestine Exploration Fund.

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