The Gregorian Schola for Beginners by Ben Perry

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The Gregorian Schola for Beginners is a handy little book whose purpose is not to present technical information on the interpretation and execution of Gregorian music, but rather to provide guidance with practical difficulties, confusion and obstacles faced by those introducing Gregorian chant in parishes. What is it? How does it fit into the Mass? How do you start a choir? What books should you get? Are you really supposed to use those square notes? Ben Perry's book does not just argue in favor of a restoration of Gregorian Chant, but it actually takes the choir director by the hand and shows, step by step, how to introduce chant into the parish. Explanations of the basics of chant, general training tips, and a comprehensive list of chant books and other resources make this eBook a valuable tool for any working with a new choir seeking to learn Gregorian Chant. A very helpful resource for Music Directors seeking to bring their Novus Ordo parish's music back to the Latin tradition.

Author Ben Perry was one the founding members and current director of All Saints Schola Cantorum of Corning, New York, which sings in both forms of the Roman Liturgy. He taught chant to the 2012 class of postulates of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. eBook (PDF format), 18 pages, $1.99 USD
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