The Book of Non-Contradiction by Phillip Campbell

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The Book of Non-Contradiction: Harmonizing the Scriptures, by Phillip Campbell reintroduces the classical method of harmonizing difficult scriptural passages, showing how the skeptics' claim of a "Bible full of contradictions" is completely unfounded. Proceeding from the axiom that truth cannot contradict truth, The Book of Non-Contradiction follows in the footsteps of great Catholic exegetes like St. Augustine and Tatian who demonstrated the harmony of the Scriptural narrative.

Contemporary biblical scholarship, groaning under the sway of the modernistic theories of "Higher Criticism", tends to view difficult biblical passages as evidence against divine inspiration. The Book of Non-Contradiction examines hundreds of contested passages, using traditional theology and common sense to firmly reassert the historic Christian belief that the Bible is absolutely inerrant in all it affirms. Starting with Genesis and moving through the entire Bible, Mr. Campbell addresses some of the most common arguments put forward by skeptics and answers them with an appeal to common sense and sound Scriptural exegesis, demonstrating that there are no contradictions in the Bible.

Phillip Campbell teaches history for Homeschool Connections and taught Sacred Scripture at the St. Augustine Program in Michigan for ten years. He is also the author of the Story of Civilization series from TAN Books and various other works from Cruachan Hill Press.

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