The Autobiography of Guibert of Nogent

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The Autobiography of Guibert of Nogent. Guibert of Nogent  (1055-1124) was a Benedictine abbot,  historian, and theologian whose memoirs offer valuable insight into the religious and political landscape of France during the high Middle Ages. Though relatively obscure during his lifetime, Guibert's biography covers an astonishing breadth of content, including the Investiture Controversy, Crusades, Norman Conquest, and the commune of Laon—and pulls back the curtain on the life of the medieval Norman Church, for better or worse. The Autobiogrpahy of Guibert of Nogent is indispensable for students of high medieval culture or 12th century France.

This new edition of The Autobiography of Guibert of Nogent is taken from the 1925 English translation of British classicist C.C. Swinton Bland and features a new introduction by Phillip Campbell and is thoroughly annotated with footnotes highlighting theological and historical points of interest.

The Autobiography of Guibert of Nogent, edited with new introduction by Phillip Campbell. Paperback, matte cover, 188 pages, $15.99 USD + shipping.
Paperback, matte cover
Pages 188
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