Tale of Manaeth

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"Lady Manaeth, thou blessed among women," old Naross said, voice booming, "come and claim the throne of they father...be our queen in peace and war, and we will pledge troth to thee, to fight for thee and serve thee all thy days as our queen." Manaeth scarcely had time to answer before the men of war there assembled shouted their assent and clashed their spears upon their shields. How could this be? How could a young woman rule such people? How could she unite the clans of Asylia and lead them to victory against the challenges to come?

This new edition of Phillip Campbell's 
Tale of Manaeth includes an author's foreword, world-building appendices, and updated maps and illustrations. Written in the high epic style of such classics as the Silmarillion and the Iliad, Phillip Campbell's Tale of Manaeth is a welcome escape into the genre of archaic fantasy.

Recommended for ages 13 and up due to graphic war sequences and violence.
Dimensions 6 x 9"
Format Paperback
ISBN-13 978-1957206028
Pages 206
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