Ojéda and Balboa (Lives of Catholic Heroes and Heroines of America: Volume 2)

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Cruachan Hill Press proudly presents this new edition of John O'Kane Murray's classic biography of the conquistadors Alonzo de Ojéda and Vasco Núñez de Balboa. Murray's work walks us through the astonishing adventures of two of the greatest explorers of the New World. Accompany Ojéda on his harrowing journey through the jungles of Venezuela; follow Balboa through Panama to catch the first European glimpse of the Pacific Ocean. An introduction by Phillip Campbell explores the historical origins of native slavery under Spain and how the Catholic Church addressed the problem. Filled with copious illustrations, Ojéda and Balboa is the second volume in the Lives of the Catholic Heroes and Heroines of America series. Murray and Campbell's Ojéda and Balboa cuts through historical revisionism and helps us rediscover these men of steel on their own terms. Fitting for teens and adults.
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ISBN-13 979-8752115288
Pages 107
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