Laudato Si: The 40 Concerns of an Exhausted Layman

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Laudato Si: The 40 Concerns of an Exhausted Layman, produced by Unam Sanctam Catholicam. The 2015 encyclical of Pope Francis Laudato Si was received with mixed reactions from the Catholic world. While analysis of the mainstream media focused almost exclusively on Pope Francis' thoughts on the subject of climate change, this 41 page eBook from Unam Sanctam Catholicam goes behind the climate change hype and identifies other areas of concern in the encyclical on the environment, ranging the redefinition of traditional theological vocabulary, to the incorporation of heterodox writers into the sources of the encyclical, to profound departures from traditional ecclesiology and more. Laudato Si: The 40 Concerns of an Exhausted Layman delves into these and other areas of concern and draws out some of the astonishing theological implications found in this strangest of all papal documents. 41 pages. $5.00 USD. PDF, ePub and Mobi available. File will be delivered via email.
PDF, ePub and Mobi available
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