Eternally One, Eternally Three by Matthew D. Aristone

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In an age of relativism many of life's most pertinent questions have been set aside in favor of leisure, entertainment, and other such trivialities. Despite these attempts at avoiding existential anxiety, one invariably asks himself: Why am I here? Where am I going? Is there a purpose and consequence to my existence? While Catholic apologetical works are common enough, Eternally One, Eternally Three: An Introductory Journey from Atheism to Catholicism Through the Most Holy Trinity, offers something unique: life's most essential questions are systematically broken down for the average reader in a distinct Trinitarian fashion. Namely:

1.The Father Almighty: Can a compelling case indeed be made for belief in the existence of God, or is it just nonsensical and naive superstition?

2.The Only Begotten Son: Is one the world's religions more rational and compelling than its counterparts, or is each religion simply a similar path to an identical destination?

3.The Holy Spirit: Has a specific denomination been entrusted a charism and sovereignty to resolve disputes regarding faith and morals, or are all expressions of Christianity equally authoritative?

In the first section the reader is presented numerous introductory philosophical and scientific arguments for belief in the existence of God, as well as a solution to our human condition. In the second, the reader is presented with a compelling case for the veracity of Christianity, and rationale for why religious pluralism and an individualized spirituality are untenable alternatives to organized religion. In the third section the reader is provided numerous scriptural and Church father quotations which evince the validity of Catholicism and manifest its unmatched historical pedigree. Wherefore, whether you are atheist, agnostic, considering religious conversion, or simply seeking to bolster your Catholic faith, if you are truly seeking the answers to life's most pertinent questions, come and discover the beauty, richness, and depth of Catholicism.

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