Epitaphs of the Catacombs: Christian Inscriptions in Rome During the First Four Centuries by Rev. James Spencer Northcote

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This book is a high quality reproduction of Father James Spencer Northcote's classic work Epitaphs of the Catacombs, originally published in 1878 and based on years of study conducted by Fr. Northcote in the catacombs of Rome.

This is not a cheaply done OCR edition, but a faithful reprint of the original book as it appeared in the 1878 edition, complete with Greek and Latin characters and dozens of original illustrations by William Vaughan. This book, based on earlier work by the legendary archaeologist Giovanni Battista de Rossi, leads the reader through the history of early Christian catacomb art, expounding on the doctrinal and disciplinary practices of the early Church revealed in the catacomb epigraphs along the way. Here is perhaps the most complete collection of catacomb epigraphy ever assembled in the English language, an indispensable tool for any student of patristics.

Rev. James Spencer Northcote (1821-1907), originally an Anglican of the Oxford Movement, was converted to the Catholic Church under the influence of Newman in 1846 and went on to become a Catholic priest himself in 1855. He visited Rome several times and in recognition of his erudition was later made President of Oscott College in Birmingham and received a doctorate of divinity from Pope Pius IX. Epitaphs of the Catacombs is considered the definitive English language work on the subject.

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