Creation, Evolution and Catholicism by Thomas McFadden

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Creation, Evolution, and Catholicism: A Discussion for Those Who Believe by Thomas McFadden addresses the question of evolution and its fundamental incompatibility with the Catholic Faith.

At the heart of Creation, Evolution, and Catholicism is the idea that, while theistic creation "works" for some Catholics, it certainly does not "work" for everybody. Because many Catholics have assumed that there's "no contradiction" between evolution and Catholic theology, there is little real discussion about the question. Catholics who do not find an easy harmony between Scripture and evolution are left with little to go on.

It is into this breach that Mr. McFadden steps with his book. Creation, Evolution, and Catholicism is dedicated to examining the concept of evolution - especially theistic - addressing the issue from the point of view of science as well as theology. This easy to read book is broken up into seventeen chapters with many small subheadings addressing various points of science and theology. The Big Bang, DNA, vestigial structures, fossil remains, and much more are all covered, as are the theories of major evolutionary proponents, both Catholic and secularist. The book presents a synopsis on each issue and then offers references for further study.

Thus Creation, Evolution, and Catholicism is a helpful "go to" guide to find resources on each particular issue. It demonstrates that the fundamental problem is that most Catholics have adopted the premises of naturalism; even when engaging the Faith with an intent to defend it, they often begin with assumptions taken from naturalism  McFadden presents some convincing statistics demonstrating the relationship between acceptance of evolution and loss of faith.

Mr. McFadden has done the Church an excellent service. Anyone interested in the debate about evolution should get a copy of this book, especially those involved in catechesis at the parish level

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