Christopher Columbus (Lives of Catholic Heroes and Heroines of America, Volume 1)

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Cruachan Hill Press proudly presents this new edition of John O'Kane Murray's classic biography of Christopher Columbus. Murray's work takes us step by step through the life of Columbus, detailing not only his voyages but highlighting his personal virtues. An introduction by Phillip Campbell examines the legacy of Columbus and how the historiography surrounding Columbus has evolved over the centuries. Filled with copious illustrations, Christopher Columbus is the first volume in the Lives of the Catholic Heroes and Heroines of America series.

In addition to learning the details of Columbus's life and voyages, you will also learn: How Columbus's Christian faith influenced his plans to voyage west, how Columbus exercised exceptional virtue in the face significant trials, why many 19th century Catholics wanted Columbus to be made a saint, the legends of the "miraculous cross" of Columbus on Hispaniola, why attacks on Columbus's character are unfounded, the amazing story of the movement of Columbus's bones back and forth across the ocean, and more!

In an age when it has become fashionable to denigrate the legacy of the great Admiral, Murray and Campbell's Christopher Columbus returns to the original sources, situating Columbus within his own age and allowing a much more sympathetic, even saintly, vision of the famous navigator come to the fore.


Christopher Columbus by John O'Kane Murray and Phillip Campbell. Paperback, 221 pages, $17.99 USD + tax & shipping.

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